Trophy Wife "All The Sides"

by Trophy Wife

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jic I thought I was buying the whole album, my fault for not paying attention. But anyway, two decent tracks for pay-what-you-want, you could do worse.
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Trophy Wife is Diane Foglizzo and Katy Otto.

Album recorded and mixed by BJ Howze at Red Planet and mastered by Devin Ocampo (Smart Went Crazy, Faraquet, Medications).

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released September 22, 2014



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Dead Tank Records Jacksonville, Florida

Independent DIY label from Florida w/ a huge online distro. Since 2001.

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Track Name: Breakdown
no warning
grey smoke

dirty teeth infect
my bones
break the skin
to find a home

for days for years

face down lie flat
don’t you get up
Track Name: It Comes in Waves... (Neil Young)
once beat strong
beat again
Track Name: Audrey's Song
reach your hands to the sky
and form a constellation
so much on your side
extending through
a thousand years
this is all mine

take a moment realize
there is more that you’ll see
so much on your side
extending through
a thousand years
this is not mine

rooftops carry full moons
when they’re rising
audrey tells us stories
we’ve forgotten
long forgotten

remember what you did

born under stars
well-aligned, full of favor
steeples climb high
over white girls
Track Name: Jesus Was a Minor / Miner
soon you will see
all that we found
lying in wait
under the ground

jesus was a min(e)r
send a ghost to find her

you moved a rock
then you were free
earthquakes stop time
Track Name: Mineral Memory
cut from granite monolith
piled stones dressed in robes
mineral memory
all that rises must converge

mineral memory
in quartz body, brilliance cast
past and future incarnate

earth veins bleed brown
under an ashen sky

warriors they rise
emerge from teeth
laid in the ground
by the god of war

layers of gold wrapped in silk
fog lies at our feet
an exhumed cavalry
all that rises must converge

earth veins bleed brown
slow collapse

stories once trapped in stone
now told in secret tongues
Track Name: Family Tree
hungry mother
her truth twisting grows
yet i decided what was best
hungry mother
made her choices
yet i decided i knew best

where i end
and where you begin
it’s not clear

this fire will burn
through the night
this fire will burn
all our lives

rivers run wide
in my mother’s veins
oceans run deep
in my father’s bones

stay gonna stay gonna run

i see the moon
in my sister’s face
rising above
from that awful place

stay gonna stay gonna run

i know these paths
they’re familiar
not mine
Track Name: Insomnia
i can’t sleep
lie awake

watch the clock
dread the sun
hours pass
crash will come

day in day out
day in day out

mes jambes ne marchent pas
mes bras ne tiennent rien

year in year outcoinceeyear in year out

liminal spaces
i travel between
chasing the sun
while i’m on my knees

i travel alone
but to survive
i must go with you