Telepathic Lines

by Telepathic Lines

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10 song album w/ art by Sean Mahan.
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released June 10, 2014

Played by Matt Pius, Jacob Hamilton, Rich Diem, & Lenny Rutland
Recorded between summer 2013 & winter 2014 by Lenny
Mixed by Telepathic Lines
Mastered by Carl Saff
Painted by Sean Mahan
Photographed by Kelly Johnson
Laid out in the day by Rich
extra voices: “Underwaterworld” by Jessie Rutland; “Shine On”, “Burl”, & “Come Back For More” by ‘Sonic Producer’ Hunter Miller
Big thanks to Nick Anderson for the first beat.



all rights reserved


Dead Tank Records Jacksonville, Florida

Independent DIY label from Florida w/ a huge online distro. Since 2001.

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Track Name: Know
The universe has no center, has no edge. Why define the corners? Why imagine a ledge? A cartographer can’t convince me where I stand. A slippy, slippy space. A shifty, shifty land.

I’d like to know where we stand. I can’t believe I can’t command.

My grandpa was a tired, tired man. A grizzled goat, glued to the land. He was stubborn, rigid in his ways. In his tidy universe everything had its place. I’d like to know where we stand. But it drifts from me. I can't command!
Track Name: Laid Up In The Day
Without the pistil so you got no bee. Like the sweet of watermelon without no seed. Like fireworks discharged fallen into the sea--
we are the modern two-faced unprovoked disease.

Gentle the rats. Where’s the science at? Get the duckling to its mother. Not a chance of watching it smother.

Hang-ups--We are the receiver that’s dangling. False starts--We are the vehicle just idling. Day old cup--We just sit oxidizing, like watching your life a rolling cloud curdling.

Gentle the rats. Where’s the science at? Get the duckling to its mother.
No use watching it smother.

I leach through the sand. Slip through your fingers.
The invisible man with the trail that lingers. We thought we had something to say, only too easily laid up in the day. Asleep in the sun, afraid to witness what premature age we've become.
Track Name: Shine On
Dead microphones on the table, Bobby Brown recluse in the jar. Screens hangin’ off the windows, two pit bulls at the door. Fishin‘ poles are always waiting and the jon boat’s in the yard. Single fins hang above us if not strapped to the car.

You won’t miss me ‘til you need me but by then I’ll be gone. With others who believe me, chasing the setting sun. With the top down, with the green lights--Florida shine on!
Track Name: Marriage
At the reception the brothers had taken all they could imbibe. Rose Marie had painted all their paddles you would use to tan our hides. Fisticuffs with Uncle Paul, are you receiving? No one is on your side at all.

Now Natalke cannot give directions to save her own life. Ask me to hold your keys, we might not ever arrive.

Broken down before the ride, no one wants to dance with the bride.

This pavement is the foundation. It has been driven so many times. What could have we done with your freedom? Why did you kiss the bride?

Broken down before the ride, no one wants to dance with the bride.
Track Name: Beneath The Stairs
Out of touch, out of reach. No clue what’s happening. Forget fashion, the baby’s breeched. Feet first, refusing to see. Like the ex-architect hangs his tools for good. Over looking up; through being fooled.

Hiding beneath the stairs. The floors creak and dust gets in my hair. Hiding beneath the stairs. I want no part in steps taken up there.

Walking in circles, counting time. Frustrated at each step I won't climb.

The light’s gone out, it’s dark in this room. Everything’s the same from midnight to noon.

Hiding beneath the stairs. I want no part in steps taken up there.
Walking in circles. Frustrated at each step. I feel fine.
Track Name: Burl
Burl broke down the door last night. Just a ghost lookin’ for a fight. I don’t know what he’s thinking. He’s been all day drinking. This one can’t hurt you, he’s just a romantic. Got the curse of cancer with the grace of a preacher’s answer.

But all alone out in the dark. The wind it calms and the skies clear up. And all the ghosts they call to me. I can hear them scream, “We’re gonna miss you when you’re gone. No one else will listen when we haunt.” No more.

But I’d like just one more try. The pressure’s droppin‘ and I feel alright. I’ll beat the pants off cancer with the grace of a ballet dancer.
Track Name: Party
Break thirty bones so she can point a crooked finger. Played out to be a good one liner. Now she can pedal in a straight one liner. She‘s got a drive, you cannot side track her.

Same thing right? Have a party! Don't lay an egg! What would your mother say?
Track Name: Wake
I don't know where to go when I’m done fuckin’ around. I don’t know what I’ll find when the bars close and I’m stuck downtown. Maybe I’ll find my shining star, maybe she’ll let me in. I don’t wanna stumble my way home and I’m drunk again.

‘Cause I ain‘t got no goals, ain’t got no heart to break. I’m fallin’ far away and no one’s even drinkin’ at my wake.

What’s a lion without his pride? I lost my drive three years ago. What was Townes without his songs? I'm just lookin’ for lust as I’m growin’ old.
Track Name: Come Back For More
Water roll ashore. Retreat to rest to come back for more to remind the sand what it is to be wet. Puddles collapse the prints before they’ve set. Bloodied we start out. We close on the finish still full of doubt and the lifetime it took to learn: Bloodied, we shall we return.

History won’t wash. There’s dirt in our nails, and in our cloth. We gain strength from what has been cut off. Usurper.

Water roll ashore. Seabirds feed off increasing floors grown larger by the hour. Nutrition from others’ powers.
Track Name: Underwaterworld
Underwaterworld, swimming with the cetaceans. Taste and touch and look, exploring these new sensations. Crustaceans creep and crawl below. Take in all the things you don’t know.

I see you on the ocean’s floor, learning to swim and to go forward.

Underwaterworld, swim without getting wet. No current to fight, at least not yet. Do you taste salt in your mouth? An ocean floor, a world entire, in a room, in a house.

I see you...Tense and turn, kicking the floor. Learning to swim and to go forward!

Let’s take our time and have some fun, and love knowing our days have just begun. We’ll warm our bellies in the sun, and love knowing our days have just begun.