Bleed The Pigs / Thetan split LP

by Bleed The Pigs / Thetan

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released March 2, 2015

Bleed The Pigs side...

Recorded by Bleed The Pigs
Drums: Conor McEneaney
Mastered: Black Matter Mastering

Thetan side...

Thetan is:
Chad: Drums
Dan: Bass/Vocals

Recorded fall 2014 at Shed Studios by Eliott Virula and Thetan
Mixed and Mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering

Collab songs:
BTP - "Dehumanize"
Thetan - "Pressure Cracks"



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Dead Tank Records Jacksonville, Florida

Independent DIY label from Florida w/ a huge online distro. Since 2001.

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Track Name: Thetan - Turn On Tune In Cop Out
last call to the cowards
with limited view to hide the harshness faced

bless all those in power
then sheepishly bow and know your fucking place

no sympathy for the man behind the trigger
no exceptions
Track Name: Thetan - En Passant
one cannot feel protected
when served a knife in their back
Track Name: Thetan - Boot Licker
a force that can't be mined for thought
through glassy eyes allegiance for the taking

like ad space, devotion is bought
Stasi land part 2 in the making

bow down to your new god
Track Name: Thetan - Thin Blue Line
a secret kept, an act concealed
an open wound that never healed
in city streets, in country fields
what once obscured is now revealed

hidden by shade in deepest of night
what's done in the dark will come to the light
a century old tradition of blinded honor

let no bond be broke, let no line be crossed
lest one will be ousted, resources exhaust
the Fraternal Order prevails with mindless saunter

the black eye on our culture is the deepest shade of blue
Track Name: Thetan - Abandonment
sleep well, no joys impaired
for those who are never there
burdens passed along to share
not as if they care
Track Name: Thetan - Divided, Not Yet Conquered
fuck all the schisms,
division's dissolving camaraderie

class wars keep us unaligned and killing our own
Track Name: Thetan - Long Kiss Goodnight
into the depths, an atrocious sight
tip toe around death and hope for the night

the burning flesh that shakes with pain
the arms outstretched with track marked veins

a staggering walk that goes down the path of endless shadows
to badger and balk but never come back, though life once had known
the pleasure and joy that once was the norm, is now a nuisance
it merely annoys and adds to the storm of discarded prudence

can't break from the needle, can't break from the spell
embrace the defeat and watch life turn to hell

slip into realms of bereft
death is all that is left
Track Name: Thetan - Pressure Cracks
impervious sham
the sickness that's gleaning our culture
scourge of man
it picks our bones clean like a vulture
lives in plight
the force of our cries manifested
minds ignite
divorced from the lies we've ingested

tension is screaming for this era to end
the fallout of life served in shit has still yet to descend

death of man
belief that one's life bears more value
impervious sham has us

the revolution will be televised... false light